Did That Really Just Happen?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fire In the Heartland: Kent State University 1970

On May 4th, 1970 a horrific event occurred at Kent State University. 13 students were injured by an attack from army reserves, 4 of them died. The film Fire In the Heartland provides an in-depth view on the events leading up to this day. In the film the 1960’s was referred to as the “Decade of Death” starting with the death of President John F. Kennedy, then Martin Luther Kind, Robert Kennedy, and  ending with the shootings at Kent State. First hand accounts from students whom attended Kent State during these troubling times were the meat of this film. Organizations such as Students for a Democratic Society, B.U.S., and the Weatherman were the backbones of many protests and movements on campus.

After the film, producer Daniel Lee Miller and some of the former students featured in the film, such as Roseann "Chic" Canfora, and her brother Alan Canfora, answered questions from the audience. Miller was also a student at Kent State University and witnessed the horrific events on May 4th. One viewer asked if this film would be used for educational purposes at Kent State to inform students of their schools history. Miller explained that, just the other day actually, some professors from Kent State University had watched the film and suggested that it be used on campus. He also explained that he feels as if he was called to tell the whole story of what happened and what led up to the events of that day and this was his way of telling it. In the film, it showed that a gym was built in 1977 to cover up the scene of these shootings at Kent State. A viewer asked if any of the panel knew if any places on campus were permanently going to be preserved for historical reasons. They informed us that President Obama claimed Kent State University as a historical site. The parking lot where many injured students were taken before being rushed to the hospital will be preserved.

As well all know, not everyone shares the same opinions. One audience member made this very clear. During the question and answer period she began to explain her position. She felt that the film was trying to speak for the entire student body of that time period. Being a student at Kent State during this time and also witnessing the shooting, she felt as if this was her time to speak up. She stated that not the entire student body was as radical as the film portrayed.  She used the riot that erupted one Friday night before the shooting as an example. That night, some speeches were being told at different bars and police began pulling people out into the streets. Chaos broke. Windows were smashed in shop fronts and parked cars. This was a sign of protest but some students were just drunk and having fun! The disagreeing viewer stated this latter fact and that she thought it got way out of control and people did not realize the consequences of their actions. Chic Canfora replied, “ Students were willing to go to jail for this because they were sick of injustice and risks should be able to be taken with out fear of outcomes. As the crowd dispersed the theater I caught up with this viewer to hear the rest of her side of the story. She reiterated that the film portrayed the student body at Kent State, during this time period, as a group of radicals. If you weren’t a radical, you were a “bull-headed” conservative. She explained that many parties quickly would turn into political events and protests. This was a time of radicalism but not everyone was a radical at Kent.

Overall this film opened my eyes to many things I did not know. It’s shocking to see how so many different events can be related. The events that happened on May 4th, 1970 were horrific. Those who died will never be forgotten.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cleveland International Film Festival - Ingredients


That is exactly what the film "Ingredients" was saying. It pushed the local food movement. The film goes to different local farmers and restaurants’ around the nation and shows the relationships that are beginning to build between them. The Cleveland Botanical Gardens was the community partner for this film. They highlighted on their work/study program "Green Corps" which allows high school students to not only learn how to grow plants and harvest food but leadership and important job skills. The film featured other programs like this in other states as well.

After the film, producer Brian Kimmel answered a few questions from the audience. He was asked if he had grown up on a farm, thus being inspired to make a film like this. Kimmel revealed that he actually get up in the suburbs in San Francisco and thought all vegetables came from the local supermarket. In the film, it was mentioned that many "organic" food companies in fact still used pesticides that have been deemed organic by the FDA. Kimmel was asked, "How could one know if the food they buy is actually organic?" He replied with simply; do not buy by the label. Local farmers markets are the best way to get purely organic and quite tasty foods. Kimmel also spoke about the emphasis on change in school foods. He believes that the younger generations need to be educated in the local food movement due to the fast food pandemic sweeping across our nation. When children feel as if they are a part of the process of planting and growing the food, they will eat the vegetables they normally may not. He had nothing but high praises for programs like the Botanical Gardens Green Corps. A member in the audience also asked Kimmel what would be the best way to convince "bargain shoppers" that it is better to pay the extra money for local, organic, nutritious foods. Again, with a simple reply he said, "Cook them dinner."

This film will be available on DVD on www.ingredientsfilm.com.

If you would like to eat local, I advise you to visit your local farmers market! Some fellow film viewers told me that the best ones around were found at Countryside Conservancy in Peninsula, Ohio and at Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens in Akron, Ohio. A few farmers markets in the Cleveland area are the North Union farmers market on Shaker Square, Miles Farmers Market on Miles Rd., and the Farmers Market found at Crocker Park in Westlake.


Friday, March 19, 2010

ahh! ahh! ahh!

super nervous. first day i'm going to the cleveland international film festival for the blogging. wish me luck :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

what would you do?

Last night will for sure be one to remember. Which is ironic because, not as if I actually believe in this stuff, my horoscope yesterday said, "There are a few moments of this day that in future you will look back on with fondness." HOW STINKING TRUE! Nothing spectacular happened during the day. Just my regular thursday routine of going to the gym, then class, then home. I already knew the night was going to be amazing. One of my best friends is home from spring break and we went to a club in Cleveland called Barroom. Now, I typically go there on thursdays when I can but last night we were on the DJ's list. Can we say VIP? haha It was a Jersey Shore party too. INSANE! People everywhere looking like guido's and guidette's, free spray tans, and a packed dance floor. It was a blast. On the way home we decided to take a different route to stop at a local drugstore and get some water. Correction, ALOT of water! All of a sudden I saw a little dog running around the side of the road. I yell for my friend to turn around. There was a little rat terrier and a palmeranian running the streets. The terrier came right to us but the palmeranian ran away, fast. There were no tags on the cute little dog and he was shivering and starving. I took him in. Now the problem is, I still live at home with my parents. My dad about flipped when he woke up to find a new dog in our basement. But what was I supposed to do? Leave him outside to possibly get hit by a car and die?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

just saying...

everyone is intitled to their opinions

personally, i have a much more open mind then i used to

i guess that's why it bothers me so much when people are so closed minded and stubbon

in no situation really is there a definate right or wrong, given the circumstances

however, the majority of people think that their opinion is the ultimate right

anyone contradicting them is wrong and must see their "truth"

why can't people just accept what others think without trying to conform everyone into what they think?

obviously not everyone is gonna think the same thing

or we would not live in a democratic society


No.. I don't think the world is going to "end" in two more years and I'm not going to scare people into my beliefs. haha I just watched that movie the other night. Not only was it an amazing movie with all the special effects and death defying situations, but I couldn't help but notice the subtle messages in it. The president , the crazy man on the mountain, the dad, the kids, the doctor, they all had their own stories that impacted the whole movie. I can honestly say this movie touched my heart. And not because of all the death and destruction. It was the self sacrificing that was shown through the whole movie and the ones who were not willing to put others before themselves regretted their actions. The main idea of this movie, I feel, was to enforce the fact that we need to begin to put others before ourselves. The world does not revolve around us.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

hump day.

So I overslept and missed my first class today. A typical start to my midweek. I pull into the campus parking lot and see the Red Bull Mini Cooper. Automatically I think I am getting some free energy for the day. I see them loading up their Red Bull can shaped backpacks and all that jazz. I park my car a few rows down and begin to walk toward campus. The Red Bull girls are nowhere to be found! I am filled with disappointment and bewilderment. I figured they must literally have wings from Red Bull because nothing else could explain their quick disappearing act. I trudge through the nasty snow that is stuck to this Ohio soil permanently and enter the closest building to escape the winter cold. All the buildings on campus are connected upstairs so I start heading toward my chemistry lecture, that I am already twenty minutes late for. Guess whom I run into two building later? THE RED BULL GIRLS. I have no idea how they got over there that quickly and immediately began looking for bumps in the backs of their shirts to find the wings they must be hiding. They stop and figure out their game plan as I keep walking. I reach the door to enter the building my lecture is in and turn as I open it. What do I see? THE RED BULL GIRLS PASSING OUT FREE RED BULL SHOTS! I am now thirty minutes late for my class. Jealous and disappointed that I first spotted these wonderful visitors to our campus and received no reward for doing so, I stomp down the stairs to my lecture. All during lecture, I am craving an energy drink. I do not drink energy drinks. After lecture, my friend and I head to the library with my good friend. I buy a nos energy drink. It tastes a thousand times better than a red bull. Win! Sarah - 1 Red Bull- 3.4